Cristiano Ronaldo Rips Off His Shirt As Real Madrid Wins The Champions League

Cristiano Gets Naked
And girlfriend Irina Shayk is covering it all.
This weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo and his team, Real Madrid, won the Champions League in Europe.

And Cristiano celebrated in the way that any man with a body half as perfect as his would: by ripping his shirt off, running around the field and screaming with joy. I mean, that’s the only logical thing to do, right?

Cristiano really got excited after he scored the penalty, which is when the shirt removal and muscle flexing happened. He also  made lots of really weird, screaming faces. 

But look how excited he is.

So now that Cristiano is all done with the European league, the soccer stud is probably off partying somewhere before he has to get back to work during the World Cup.

Hopefully there will be plenty of shirt removal there too. Launch the gallery to check out all the celebration photos from the weekend. And try not to stare too much at Cristiano’s face. Just, focus on the body. Trust me on this.