Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Funny Faces As He’s Honored With More Awards

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He’s handsome, he’s decorated, he has his own wax figure, but none of that means that Cristiano Ronaldo is exempt from getting his photo taken while making silly faces. I love the world.

The famous footballer and his silly faces were the talk of the town in Lisbon, Portugal yesterday as Cristiano was named a Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry. According to the BBC, that’s basically Portugal’s form of knighthood.

Aw, too bad we can’t call him Sir Cristiano. Or can we? 

How does it work with countries that aren’t England? Cause that’s really where my royal knowledge is limited to. Also! Cristiano! Where’s your adorable son? Not that I don’t love staring at you, but few things amuse me more than a tiny child walking around among the adults.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Cristiano receiving his medal and making funny faces. So, where does he rank on a list of most decorated sports stars? Someone figure that out and report back. Please.