Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Hot, What’s Up With His Hair? [PHOTOS]

Cristiano's Hottest Pics
The 30 hottest shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo photos.
Maybe it’s just cause I’m so used to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo with a faux hawk, but what’s up with the gelling?

It’s OK though, because you’re still super sexy and I totally want to hold you in my arms. The Real Madrid player has been hard at work training at UCLA and beating David Beckham and the LA Galaxy.

Today Cristiano and his team were awarded a Certificate of Recognition from LA’s very own mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. Damn Real Madrid, you so fancy now!

Cristiano even took some time from being awesome to sign a few autographs. Who knew that Cristiano was so big with the 50+ crowd? I swear, those are the only people getting his autograph. Well, maybe those are the only folks who could afford the tickets to watch Real Madrid train.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from today’s festivities. How do you guys feel about his gelled hair? Again, not that he’s not super sexy, but I miss the faux hawk! Bring it back!

Any of you make it out to watch them train! Tell us about it in the comments!