Cristiano Ronaldo Is Hawking Wellness Products In Japan Where Cuteness And Hilarity Ensue

Cristiano's Underwear
Cristiano Ronaldo's CR7 Underwear Line
He might not have done too well in this year’s World Cup, but that doesn’t mean Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t super, duper busy.

The soccer (football) star has been all over Japan this week, promoting these MTG fitness and healthcare products. Remember that mud mask he wore a few days ago? Apparently it was all in preparation for this.

The guy got off the plane in Japan and he was off to work. He played soccer with kids, hung out with some president dude and made the greatest appearance on Japanese TV. 

First of all, please appreciate the tiny child cuteness.


I wonder if this just makes him miss his own son. Second of all, oh my god his TV appearance. It’s hilarious. MTG had Cristiano show off two of the products he’s promotes on this random show and it just makes me wonder how much they’re paying him because these products are ridiculous. Look at his face!


Because I love you, the full video is below. Apparently the device is for “facial fitness”. You can bring Cristiano to Japan, but you can’t make him try that that on national television.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of his visit to Japan so far. Now Cristiano, take your shirt off.