Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys A Boxing Match, Sadly Keeps His Shirt On But Does Flash His Smile

Cristiano's Short Shorts
Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his legs!
And those glasses! Have we ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo in glasses before? Cause I’m super into it.

Cristiano and his lady Irina Shayk attended the championship boxing match at Madison Square Garden this weekend between Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez. I don’t really understand the world of boxing, but I do understand that Irina looks way bored.

Luckily she has herself a super sexy boyfriend to lean on. Speaking of super sexy boyfriend, Cristiano, why are you wearing a shirt? 

Was it a rule that you had to at this event, or was it of your own choosing? Because either way I am very much opposed to it. You always take your shirt off everywhere else, why not here?

Well, I expect that we’ll see loads of shirtless Cristiano at the World Cup. Yay! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Cristiano and Irina being a cute couple. And if you want to be truly creeped out, check out animated Cristiano in the ad for Nike below. It’s definitely not as good as this one.