Cristiano Ronaldo Caught With His Hand Down His Pants [PHOTOS]

Cristiano Shirtless
Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his abs.
Clearly the boys needed some adjusting! Soccer super hottie Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted at UCLA today getting some training in with his team, Real Madrid. In case you’ve missed the giant billboards around LA, Real Madrid is set to take on the LA Galaxy on August 2nd.

Not only did Cristiano fix the boys, he flashed some ab, he made some silly faces, he melted our hearts–I’d say he had a pretty successful day. Also, why is he wearing a shirt? I thought we discussed the fact that he should always be shirtless, like he is here.

Think Cristiano is sad he’s not in London competing in the Olympics? He could very easily have joined our roster of super hot athletes. I’m sure he’ll have a shot four years from now. Launch the photo gallery to appreciate all of the many emotions Cristiano has to offer and tell us which is your favorite! Clearly, I’m rooting for the joys of hands down his pants.