Creepy Old Hollywood News

Once in awhile, we like to take your asses back back back to the past and explore scandal from back in the day? Remember Marilyn Monroe? Lohan’s idol? Norma Jean? Well, there’s a new documentary coming out wherein this FBI agent claims he saw Bobby Kennedy enter her house on the evening of her death. Teddy K.’s gonna LOVE this one.

“I have interviewed the FBI agent who is now in his late 80s, with prostate cancer, who was listening in on Marilyn in a van outside her home the night she died,” says producer Keya Morgan.

“He saw [then U.S. Attorney General] Bobby Kennedy and other men go inside the house. He heard them screaming and yelling in the guest cottage. They were in the guest cottage, not in her bedroom where her body was found.”

As legend has it, JFK and Bobby both had “dealings” with Monroe, which turned her into a supposed national security risk. So there’s all sorts of speculation that her death was neither accident nor suicide. DUH DUH DUH! Bobby Kennedy was attorney general at the time, but still – you’d think he’d send a flunkie just in case her ass was being staked out. Movie star tail will mess you up. And Kennedys could afford flunkies!