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August 2nd, 2007 // 15 Comments

Once in awhile, we like to take your asses back back back to the past and explore scandal from back in the day? Remember Marilyn Monroe? Lohan’s idol? Norma Jean? Well, there’s a new documentary coming out wherein this FBI agent claims he saw Bobby Kennedy enter her house on the evening of her death. Teddy K.’s gonna LOVE this one.

“I have interviewed the FBI agent who is now in his late 80s, with prostate cancer, who was listening in on Marilyn in a van outside her home the night she died,” says producer Keya Morgan.

“He saw [then U.S. Attorney General] Bobby Kennedy and other men go inside the house. He heard them screaming and yelling in the guest cottage. They were in the guest cottage, not in her bedroom where her body was found.”

As legend has it, JFK and Bobby both had “dealings” with Monroe, which turned her into a supposed national security risk. So there’s all sorts of speculation that her death was neither accident nor suicide. DUH DUH DUH! Bobby Kennedy was attorney general at the time, but still – you’d think he’d send a flunkie just in case her ass was being staked out. Movie star tail will mess you up. And Kennedys could afford flunkies!

By J. Harvey

  1. shadygoddess13

    Kennedys are nothing but whore-screwing, STD-ridden drunks. Then you wonder why our government runs so beautifully with men and women like this in there. The Bushes too.

  2. CarolM

    “Movie star “tail” will mess you up.” I think only someone who knows nothing about Marilyn Monroe’s tragic childhood and family life, would use such a crass term like that. Anna Nicole’s life from beginning to end, virtually paralleled Norma Jean’s and she died too, by herself, in a hotel room. Whatever involvement Marilyn Monroe had with the Kennedy’s, there’s so much speculation “out there” and no one person/s really knows what happened nor why.

  3. Monica

    The Kennedys are such a waste of humanity. Rose would have done the world a huge favor by swallowing often and having a lot of headaches. I really don’t understand how the worst one of all is still alive AND a sentor and got away with manslaughter at the very least.

  4. nona

    nothing competes with the bush pig-fuckers in the damage that mongrel clan has inflicted on this country. including dumpfuck chimperor’s granddaddy, prescott, who bankrolled hitler

  5. Belinda

    Interesting story. I’d love to hear more.

  6. mac

    bobby and peter lawford i knew it all along

  7. bonnie

    There was a report I had read somewhere (don’t remember) that Marilyn died by the phone, and that while her death was ruled a suicide, there was no glass of water nor any kind of pill bottle to suggest that she had ingested poison. Very suspect, if you ask me.

  8. Zekers

    Yet another fishy-smelling story. J. is right, R. Kennedy wouldn’t have shown up personally to off Ms. Monroe, he’d of had his “flunkies” do it. I don’t doubt they were arguing…maybe he just found out she was doing his brother too…

  9. aadams46214

    There WERE pills found by her bedside….several bottles scattered everywhere. The photos show her actually clutching the phone and her housekeeper (who was paid to help the cover up) said the phone cord went under the door. I feel really sad for Anna Nicole and her sweet little baby but I don’t know if I could compare the two. Perhaps. All this info on Marilyn really isn’t new by the way……

  10. Prick Up Your Ears

    MM od’d on pills. No mystery here.

    And there was no second gunman hiding in the grassy knoll, either.

  11. EraserFan

    Wow. Marilyn Monroe fans are just as rabid as the Angelina haters. Good job Harvey.

  12. peachpie

    lol read my mind EraserFan! cheers J!

  13. Clementines

    SO like I lived in that time, was in Dallas in that horrible time, and not surprised when the President got killed, then his brother.. and Teddy killed his lover and the truth was never told. Who doesn’t know how corrupt things were among the powerful rich, pro-communist democrats in that era? I’m sure the FBI, CIA and all of the government hated the corrupt Kennedys, and feared that we would be plunged into a nuclear nightmare by their stupidity. Sure ‘they’ killed her to shut her up, but she was immoral, crude always mixed up with drugs, drink and friendly with socialist causes beloved by the hollywood crowd. The poor are taken care of by the richer, wiser and only a rare few got to the top.. ready to spill her guts of what she knew in spite; for being used by them, and knowing she was mixed up with bad men, who didn’t tell the truth, secretly did naughty things but showed a religious goodly face to the public with stupid, fearful wives and family was her goal, forgetting the Catholic link forbade divorce, etc. she missed the mark. It’s not pretty but they were all doomed to failure.. she felt she could make them all do as she wanted or they would lose everything when it was revealed they were all hypocrites and acting with impunity to benefit themselves, so quite evil. Terrified Peter Lawford, acted illegally married to a Kennedy and took the truth of what he knew, to his grave. I laugh when I hear people say how innocent and gentle MM was.. and Kennedy men were respectable fathers and honorable statesmen NOT. She was sharply ambitious on being respected as Senator or President’s wife as she got older and it was public she was more of a lush, taking drugs, growing old and unable to act without great effort, and not much money is horrifying to any actress.

    Some thoughts about Marilyn Monroe
    “Hollywood is a place,” Marilyn Monroe once said, “where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul.

    “I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough, and held out for the fifty cents.”

    She should have stayed with Joe DiMaggio .. who really loved her and cleaned up her life, retired and stayed happy out from the public eyes, content with being a housewife, mother like she claimed she wanted to.. Spiraling out of control from too many years of abuse and liberal pandering with powerful people to get someplace in life, she married playwright Arthur Miller, basically a jerk who cruely rejected crazy MM. She lose some babies, and was ready to play her final role of [blackmailer] woman done wrong by her lovers that week, even at the height of popularity.. she drunkenly strived to overcome personal obstacles for the goal of achieving greatness, wanting to go public to get any Kennedy to marry her or take the wheeler dealers all down in flames.

  14. aadams46214

    to the Clementines author: Oh, how I wish you were sitting in front of me right now, I would bitch slap you so f*(*ng hard your F897eg teeth would rattle! Then I would pull your hair out and stomp you within an inch of your stupid, naive, wasted life. Shut the fuck up and die already!

  15. Labuca

    No shit! Everyone know she was killed!! I would love to know how??????? I will be the first person to watch this docum…

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