Crazy Visits Other Crazy In Rehab


Britney’s got herself a celebrity sponsor – Daniel Baldwin. Didn’t he just skip a court date for plowing into cars whilst high on the yay? Maybe that’s settled, because he went into Promises rehab in Malibu to visit Britney and lend support . Uh, thanks. SECURITY!

Britney Spears has found an unlikely ally as she battles her demons in rehab–recovering cocaine addict Daniel Baldwin. Movie star Baldwin met up with the pop star at the Promises rehab clinic in Malibu, California, over the weekend and urged her to contact him if she needed to talk about her troubles.

A source says, “He gave her his phone number.”

Baldwin has since told TV news show Extra that his new pal seemed “a little fearful about her situation.”

She better be, those kids have no clue who she is and Daddy’s already teaching them how to make bongs out of apples and how to make a sawbuck last down at the Tittie Twister. I’m wondering how desperate Brit’s situation is. Meaning, I wonder if she clung to the number of a (supposedly) recovering cokefiend crazy Baldwin for dear life and as a means to salvation or if she used it to clean up her sticky Red Bull fingers. Either way, it’s still depressing. She didn’t even rate Billy. Alec wasn’t even a question.