Crazy Murderer Sued

December 19th, 2006 // 6 Comments

CBS News reports that O.J. Simpson is being sued by Ron Goldman’s family for that book/TV special abortion.

The decision to cancel a controversial O.J. Simpson book and TV special isn’t good enough for the family of murder victim Ron Goldman.

The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman spoke exclusively with Goldman’s sister, Kim.

Lawyers tell CBS News the family will file a lawsuit in Los Angeles Tuesday, claiming Simpson still got paid, seeking to undo all the transactions related to the deal and, where appropriate, recover money for the Goldman family.

The Goldman’s have been pursuing Simpson for ten years. After his acquittal in the murders of Ron Goldman and Simpson’s wife, Nicole Simpson, they won a civil suit against Simpson, but have never collected a penny.

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Asked if she thinks this suit will lead to her family collecting any money, Kim Goldman responded, “Honestly, at this point, my family and I take much pride in the moral victories that we’ve been able to accomplish over the last 12 years.”

In this case, he acknowledged in a radio interview that he made significant money, saying, “I was able to secure my homestead, pay off a whole lot of bills, and put my kids in a position to have their financial future totally secured.”

Says Goldman, “He loves the fact that he can live his life and snub us, so at some point, if we are able to recover funds, good for us.”

I’m so glad his kids have their financial future totally secure, what with all that cash soaked in THEIR MOTHER’S BLOOD.

By J. Harvey

  1. Hum......

    This asswipe. I bet the devil has a chair waiting on his right hand side for this evil fool.

  2. I just want to know what does his kids think about him? crazy? murderer? evil?

  3. Luv Ya Bitches

    This guy should be shot dead!

  4. sasha

    why do they need money im sorry yor kids died but they were not just “friends” they were going to screw and got killed should’nt she of been with the kids they were never in their life going to get the money working gotten in the settle ment oj his wife and ron were all wrong and all their failies hated them they just realised an oppurtunity for money

  5. IKE

    so sad. that piece of sh*t does need to pay for what he’s done. and to think he’s still trying to make money off of it….spreaking as a proud blackman, OJ makes me sick,….maybe his wife was cheating, but you don’t murder for that.

  6. Anon

    Sasha: Have you heard of punctuation? It really is quite useful. But, I guess I don’t expect anything more from a person who seems to think murder really isn’t a big deal.

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