Crazy Man Enraptured By Nancy Grace

December 15th, 2005 // 7 Comments

(The hair makes sense now, doesn’t it?)

A crazy man typical viewer is apparently obsessed with Nancy Grace. Aren’t we all.

The man is “apparently obsessed with Ms. Grace, believes that he loves her, insists that she can solve all of his problems and will help him to meet with Osama bin Laden,” Grace’s court papers say.

Grace got the temporary restraining order Wednesday, a day after she filed a request for a permanent injunction against the alleged stalker, Joseph Raymond Loegering who, court papers say, has been confined in a Manhattan hospital’s psychiatric ward since Dec. 2.

A spokeswoman for Grace, Janine Iamunno, issued a statement Wednesday confirming the temporary restraining order was sought and was granted, but she had no further comment.Grace’s complaint asks the court to bar Loegering from contacting her, from approaching her, her home or her workplace and from harassing, menacing, stalking or committing any other offense against her.

My dear readers, friend, I’d love to hear your Nancy Grace stories. Love her? Hate her? I wanna know.

Nancy Grace Gets Court Order Against Man [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Random Human

    I actually really love this Nancy Grace character. Can say nothing more concise than that…I just LOVE her battiness and her brains.

  2. She’s a kook for sure, but she’s very smart, and I appreciate her no-BS approach to things. Her back story is interesting- her fiance was murdered many years ago, and that’s what drew her to become a prosecutor.

  3. Bestdress

    Nancy Grace…She’s a terrible person and if that is true about her fiance getting murdered it explains why she has such a cold, cold heart.

  4. bunny

    why have i never heard of nancy grace? who is she?

  5. King Smart Ian

    That cat photo comparison is the funniest goddamn thing that has been posted on this site in ages.

  6. She’s like a combination of Delta Burke & Attila the Hun: “Oh friend, how does it FEEL knowing your daughter is missing, probably kidnapped by a maniac who’s giving her a manual skin peel even as we speak?? Lucky me, I get to see MY parents right after the show, but you may NEVAH see your daughter alive again!”

  7. Mr. brown

    I think This Grace woman is a real over the hill Bitch. She always attempts to act sexy by keeping her eyes shifted to one side while the camera is tight on her face. I can’t stand her.

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