Crazy Lady Who Didn’t Sleep With Matt Lauer Was A Man

This story just more and more random.

Alexis Houston was the subject of Matt Lauer infidelity rumors that don’t sound true except that Gloria Allred is representing her, so now I’m not sure. Alexis held a press conference to tell us that her privacy has been invaded and after today’s news there might be another one if she knows what’s good for her 15-minutes of fame.

Alexis Houston, who is a singer, used to go by Wellington Houston and was born Stuart Houston. That’s right, Sheena was a man. A source told The New York Post that a cross-dressing Houston had a sex-change when a man fell in love with the singer and paid for the operation. She was a he when Whitney Houston sued him/her in 1996 for falsely claiming a cousin relationship and defrauding a New York doctor out of $100,000 and in 2001 when Whitney’s voice mysteriously appeared on his/her demo. Note to Whitney: If Alexis comes out in the full on Bodyguard costume next, you better run for the hills, girl.