Crazy Lady Denies Doing Matt Lauer While Remaining Crazy

Alexis Houston, the maybe-but-probably-isn’t Whitney Houston’s half-sister, held a press conference to deny allegations of a romance with The Today Show host Matt Lauer.

With the help of lawyer, Gloria Allred, Alexis held a press conference Friday in New York City to clear her name and to make some clarifications of who she is dating, Matt Lunsford.  Check out the guy off the street and his busted up face in the photo gallery!

Matt Lauer denied earlier this month that he was moving out of the house he shares with wife Annette Roque and claims no case of infidelity.

If any of you were wondering if she is Whitney’s sister, not to worry, Alexis will hold another press conference to discuss that topic!

Check out the video from E! Online of the Looney Tune troop, Allred and Alexis Houston at the press conference.