Crazy Bitches Act Out On…Celebrity Fit Club?


Apparently, Celebrity Fit Club is a dangerous place to work . People are getting into brawls over cigarettes and threatening to rape each other. It’s like a women’s prison up in there. D-list comedian Ant (I know he’s D-List because he once appeared in the line-up with me in Life & Style and dude, I’m like Y-list) is getting assaulted by physical trainers for smoking. Screech is threatening to re-make his porno and use dildos on bitches. And even Marcia Brady is storming off the set. Losing pounds can be a stressor. I need to see this mess.

According to on-set sources, the first fight took place between medical/diet expert Dr. Ian and Ant, the show’s host — over a cigarette. We’re told that during a break in filming, Dr. Ian exploded after Ant fired up a cancer stick in the doc’s vicinity, and began shouting and threatening Ant with violence, forcing producers to immediately shut down production.

Later on, Screech got separated from the rest of the cast for threatening to “make a dildo out of my cock” and “f*ck* (former American Idol victim) Kimberly Locke with it. That’s sweet. Uh, why would you need a dildo if you already had the cock? Just wonderin’. Anyway, other cast members include the aforementioned Marcia Brady, and Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), and even (Regulators, Mount Up!) Warren G! So by celebrity, they actually mean people who own TV’s or live in California. I could be on there. I think I need to be. God, I’m fat.