Crazy Beats The Rap (For Now)

September 27th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Maniac record producer Phil Spector and his numerous wigs got off on account of a hung jury. Who goes to an insane gun-crazy producer’s house to shoot themselves in his foyer? Huh? Who? Who does that? What’s with this jury? At least convict him on account of those hairstyles. That’s reason enough to imprison someone. Look, even the seeing eye lawyer that’s escorting him had to avert her eyes from that mess.

The judge has declared a mistrial in Phil Spector’s murder trial because the jury was deadlocked 10-2 and could not reach a verdict, it was announced Wednesday. The Los Angeles jury had been deliberating for 12 days.

Jurors told Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler they were split, but did not indicate which way they were leaning. Later, a court representative said 10 jurors had voted for guilty and two for not guilty. Fidler discharged the nine men and three women, thanking them for their service.

The D.A. says that he will seek the court’s permission to re-try Spector and hopefully accquire some jurors that aren’t idiots. Ok, he didn’t say that last thing. Can you try his wig salesman? Or his hairdresser? Or Homeless Lettie out back in the alley? Whoever it was that did that to him.

More Phil Spector hair misses are after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. Ugh

    Unreal. But you know his new little young wife is very upset. lol.

  2. LilJen

    Money talks… BS crazy man walks

  3. Phil Spector scares me

    The woman in the picture is his WIFE. He got a young-un to marry him AFTER this whole mess started. Supposedly she was an assistant and jumped at the “opportunity”.

  4. Eyes of Green

    J – when I saw that picture, before I even read your post, I thought the same thing – he should be tried and convicted for offending our eyes with his freaked out hair. What kind of mind thinks that is even remotely attractive?? He looks like he’s been electrocuted.

    And who the hell would MARRY him??? I swear people have just lost their minds.

  5. joan durtz

    Disgusting! His little money grubbing ugly wife will be trying to take his crazy ass to court next. He is just frightning to look at! Not only was he high as fifty hippies in the courtroom because of his psychotic meds he is on, he is a migit with a short man’s complex, and a rude SOB. I have a friend who worked with this freak for many years in the 70′s and was also close to his then wife Ronnie. From what I have heard, he is a complete nightmare.

    I also have a friend who was very close to Ms.Clarkson (who lived around the corner from me in the canals in Venice) and said that there is no way in hell that that woman would have killed herself. It is a sad situation for her family, I hope that they end up throwing his ass up under the jail. I’m so sick of rich people getting away with this crap!

  6. Shootingstar

    Unexpectedly seeing pictures of his afro is like someone throwing me a surprise birthday party….everytime.

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