‘Covert Affairs’ Star Christopher Gorham Goes Shirtless [PHOTOS]

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We might be a day late and a dollar short on this, but these shirtless pictures of Covert Affairs star Christopher Gorham make us very VURY weak in the knees.  And for a Happy New Year, we threw in pictures of his co-star, Sendhil Ramamurthy

Gorham playes Auggie Anderson, a former CIA special operative who was left blind after a mission.  After Elton interview the USA Network star, calling him one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. 

When asked what inspires him, Gorham said, “I know it sounds cheesy but my wife, Anel, inspires me. Covert Affairs shoots in Toronto so she’s a single parent, for much of the year, to three kids, one with special needs, and somehow manages to carry off all the duties of parenthood while also being one of the most stylish and genuinely funny women you’ll ever meet. Honestly, she’s a miracle.”

Merry Christmas, socialites.