Courtney Love’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 2nd, 2007 // 18 Comments

This is exactly why I *heart* her ass so much.

Warning: She’s got a lot to resolve, and Improving her spelling isn’t one of them.

Check out the list after the jump.

Courtney Love’s New Year’s Resolutions [Moonwashed]


new years day resolutions

become a women of limitless self esteem
help others with at least 20% of my time and money
get this last song- if needed w LP
sign with one of the two deals on the table , asap, ( after the hols both meetings are set and both deal memos have been negotiated i just have to decide if i want to take a risk or be safe and who knows…..)
be victorious and positive in all actions
have a happ[y satisfied child and family
sell the pony get a new horse
try this “thin” anthropoligical experiment – get to my goal weight healthily and stay there .
improve yoga practice
do gongyo at night – even if i just do the book and 7 minutes of diamoku
attract only positive people to my home an dlife
thank all those who have walked it like theyve talked it and let them know i do not take them for granted.
cahnt for the war in Iraq to cease asap
chant for Hillary to win
take nothing personally.
learn an asian language.
dont take “no” for an answer ( if appropriate) and chase after what i want
tour tour tour
makwe sure Billy feels i have his bac k too and not allow him to go off the rails even if it eans confrontation- because thats what friends do
cultivate real and deep relationships with others
get cd out within th enext month – arpil latest.
listen to Linda and relax and let the people who would see me fail walk in peace dont feed myself any vitriol from them
dont peek at tabloids and bad websites, as it absouloutly shatters the Law to make that cause agiants yourself.
have fantastic sex with commitment and honour with someone whoo treats me as i deserve and dont give my power away
learn about money
keep a journal no matter what
keep wrioting songs no matter what
know that 07 is going to be the very best year of my entire life to date
know that Kurts spirit is tended to and tend to it daily
help other perforrers and asrtists who are unknown or nknown here in the states.
dont go to nightclubs with 19 year olds.
be an imnspiration to those around me and remember the mistakes made in the past and take responsibility for them thus not allowing those energies into my life again
another year, another year without even wine no matter how hard i try to justify that “wines okay” knw that is the demon voice and put it out of my thoughts
chant daimoku for my worst enemies who are not enemies of me persoanlly but whp project thier own insecurities onto me and onto my past drug problem.
make any amends that are keft to make.
do not allow myself to be a doormat in relationships ever again
learn at least three new skills
make a friend a month or reconnect with an old friend a month and be consistent in relationship
get Biba collection better
get hoous ein UK and Loft in NY or Apt in Cetrakl Park West.
do not lose touch with oeiple when scare dto call because i fell “less than” call anyway.
have fun in tour an ffind a great touring band, dont care about looks or gender, only quality of musicianishio and energy.
rehearse to exhaustion to get it right.
mean it when i smile.
mean it when i meet a stranger no matter how bnothersome- be sincer and take the damm photo without attitude.
stay pissed off at the world for song usage.
dont get complacent.
keeo a beautiful home and and keep child safe
hopefully start another family someday – soon. meet that guy.
no more surgery for any reason other than medical until i really need it in my 60s
and last b it def not least
stay macro biotic and do the exercise needed to burtn the carbs off that to stay healthiest.
undertsnad who my enemeies are since a few exacs and bloggers out there seem to enjoy hirtiung me and using the Law let them find interest in another.
rthats it for now.
lotsa love

It’s hard for me to accept spelling “people” as “oeiple” after mentioning your “past drug problem” earlier up the list, but hey – it’s a new year. Maybe she was doing yoga whilst on her laptop, or having sex while she wrote this. “Fantastic sex with commitment and honour” can affect spelling. Then again, so can crack.

By J. Harvey

  1. MissNee

    Hmm, The only thing that’s missing is where she’s going to admit to killing Kurt.

  2. discoqwene

    What is the deal with her nose? She looks weird.

  3. Ldysunfyre

    Jesus Christ! Leave your nose alone already, woman! Don’t go Michael on us!

  4. Dana

    I agree about Kurt. One day we’ll hear the truth we’ve known all along.

  5. girliegirl

    she had surgery on her nose AGAIN! she looks like donatella versace’s sister. donatella’s nose? who would want donatella’s nose? it looks bulbous.

  6. rootabega

    she also looks like she cannot move her face and WHO is that disgusting man??? his teeth are goldenrod with sh** stuck in them! ughhhhhbarf.

  7. Francis Bean

    Perhaps she should resolve to STOP FUCKING WITH HER FACE!!!!!

  8. SB

    She is transforming into the catlady! Ahhh! Usually people get their nose fixed when it looks like that. Too much money and too much time on her hands.

  9. girliegirl

    just how old IS she? her face looks 40+, and how is that possible with all the facials, botox, facial resurfacing/micro-dermabrassions and cosmetic surgeries? the woman is a conondrum wrapped in an enigma…

  10. Uniqueorn Goat

    Come on, I’m sure the nose is just swollen.

  11. AndrewOlivoI'mNot

    “Hmm, The only thing that’s missing is where she’s going to admit to killing Kurt.”

    Stop talking shit. Watch “Kurt and Courtney” and see the evidence that taking the amount of heroin Kurt took STILL wasn’t enough to not be able to hold a gun; and who the fuck believes El Duce ?

    PLEASE !!!!

  12. Tonysgirl

    Geeesh people you all do NOT know anything!!! All your doing is speculating on what IF’s.

    Kurt is dead get over it and move on!!!

  13. MissNee

    I watched “Kurt and Courtney” and there is a difference between injecting heroin and swallowing methadone, which is what the balancing person did in the slide.

    and who said anything about el duce. If you can base your opinion on “Kurt and Courtney” then I can base my opinion on this:

  14. UniKorn

    “and who said anything about el duce”

    Most people who believe what you believe.

  15. andie

    the bloke is noel fielding from mighty boosh, a comedy tv programme here in the uk. and in a weird sort of way, he’s hot. xx

  16. bettylafea

    Wow, she looks like Kathy Griffin…

  17. sandy

    Her hair looks like 70s Farrah Fawcett. She looks like a trainwreck. Ugh…

  18. Pogo

    I’m sorry, but people who think she killed Kurt are just plain ridiculous and stupid. It’s just another Yoko situation where misogynist rock and roll idiots want to believe the wife is the problem. Kurt Cobain was very talented and very anamzing, but very ill, physically and mentally. If anyone killed him we did, insisting he was some kind of Christ figure. It seems to me he would be the most mad at people creating this idea that the mother of his child killed him.

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