Courtney Love’s Thin Again

December 19th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Another reason to visit rehab. Is the weight loss the reason for the shopping trip? Did you ever think that Courtney Love would be seen shopping at Kitson? My how the times have changed.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl

    She looks good- which is usually a bad sign….

    And it looks like she was @ Kitson with Francis (god bless that kid- I can’t imagine the fucking nightmare of having Courtney-I’ve-never-seen-a-needle-I-didn’t-shove-in-my-arm-Love and the now deified Cobain for parents….)

  2. cherree

    It’s FrancEs. With an E! She’s a GIRL! If I see it spelled wrong one more time I’m going to explode.
    Plus, Courtney used to work for Versace, so I don’t see why Kitson is such a shock.

  3. SMroxs

    Way to go on the body, Courtney. Now if you could just do something about your face and hair. Something GOOD I mean. Lets be quite clear about that.

  4. Oh no, you can’t lose that much weight that quickly in any healthy kind of way! Bad news for her mental health! I argued here that the weight gain was her only hope for growing old gracefully. Now she’s back to being a female impersonater impersonater.

  5. Sedna

    I like Courtney, she looks great, heard she’s working on a new album too, I’ve always loved the music, I hope this one has more of her rawer energy now that she’s healthier.

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