Courtney Love’s An Outpatient

Good job Courtney! The singer rehab sentence has been relaxed; she’s will now be participating in an outpatient program.

Love was sent away for a six-month sentence in September as punishment for having violated her probation when a drug-related incident sent her to the hospital in July (see “Courtney Love Ordered Back To Rehab For Six Months”). Judge Rand Rubin told Love at the time that he had been planning to send her to jail but decided that treatment would be a better option.

Even though Love’s sentence is relaxed, she still faces certain restrictions. She’s allowed to be at home but can only leave for limited, court-approved reasons, such as going to work, continuing her counseling sessions (three AA meetings a week), completing the terms of her community service and attending matters regarding her daughter’s school. She was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and so far has completed just over half that (56 hours). Love also has a curfew — she’s not allowed to be out past 10 p.m. And she’s to continue to submit to random drug tests.

While in rehab, Courtney spent her time composing new music for her new album that is titled “The Rehab Demos.” Catchy.

According to an interview she gave to U.K. newspaper The Guardian, Love’s written eight new songs using a Martin acoustic guitar that producer Linda Perry gave her six weeks ago. Song titles include “The Depths of My Despair,” “My Bedroom Walls,” “Sad But True” and “How Dirty Girls Get Clean.”

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