Courtney Love’s Butt

August 29th, 2005 // 23 Comments

I always love (no pun intended) to feature a good butt tweak. Get better soon Courtney!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. j

    Damn, she is pug-fugly!

  2. doofus

    what she needs to do is find a bathing suit that actually fits her.

  3. j

    That’s not going to fix the face problem

  4. Jessica

    Her face is pretty hard on the eyes…but what’s more amusing to me is that her butt still looks alot better than Tara Reid’s butt.
    Poor Tara…she’s so pathetic and disgusting.

  5. Antigone

    Shrink swelling and stop itch with Preparation H, it’s not just for wrinkles anymore

  6. Cynthia


  7. zazz

    Baby Huey’s in rehab?

  8. Lisa

    She totally killed Kurt, I hate her with a passion.

  9. fallgirl29

    she actually looks better then i would have expected in a bikini, but her face in the first picture is just terrifying.

  10. fallgirl29

    im sorry, coffee has not kicked in..her face in the third guys know what im talking about….

  11. Team Ramrod

    In the future please try and post pictures of Ms. Love in the afternoon. Some of us just ate breakfast…


  12. Jane

    Damn, Jessica, I can’t help but agree. Courtney might have a thick porkbutt but at least it’s not completely poxed with cellulite like Tara’s! She’s so annoying but I hope she gets better.

  13. KatieI

    I can’t believe nobody noticed that this is rehab!! WTF??? Rehab where they lounge out by the pool or in bathing suits?? You have to be kidding me.. It’s like a resort.. Wow, that’s some tough love… BTW, I love Courtney and I hope she gets better :)

  14. Ang

    ROTFLMAO … See What Happens When You Don’t Get To Sleep In, In The Mornings?! I think I hear some thunder… oh wait it’s just her thighs!

  15. Simple_Tina

    looking like “HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!”

  16. TasAnnie

    With her coloring, she should steer clear of whites and pale colors…they only look dirty on her. Then again, anything would look dirty on her.

    I hate to say it, but a spray on tan wouldn’t be a bad thing in her case. She might look less like something you’d find hidden at the back of the fridge.

  17. Steve

    Yeah thanks, I sprayed milk through my nose.

  18. batina

    i agree with Lisa…

  19. Isn’t it amazing how rich these folks can be (as proven by her “rehab” there) and still be white trash?

  20. TorB

    Sorry to say this but, She so damn ugly she would scare the Grim Reper if he should be so unlucky to meet her…

  21. Jacquelina

    She keeps messing with her drugs and the poor Grim Reaper might have to meet her! Yikes!

  22. N Nancy

    pffft I’m gonna disagree with all of you… Let’s face it, she can make some awesome music, her killing kurt is BS, nobody knows what happend those last few days and there are also pictures where she’s just f*ckin’ hot ! It’s a good thing there are people like her, cuz it would be so damn boring without ‘em

  23. RumpleStiltSkin

    Putrid Plastik Pathetic … I feel sad for her young daughter, child protection time… ??

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