Courtney Love’s Admitted To Bellevue


It had to happen sooner or later. The bitch has completely lost it. I would hate to be her lawyer.

Hours after being declared a fugitive for missing a court hearing in California, rocker Courtney Love was hospitalized in New York on Friday, her 40th birthday, for an unspecified gynecological problem, her lawyer said. Defense attorney Michael Rosenstein said Love had admitted to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in the early evening, but said she was conscious and her condition did not appear to be life-threatening. He said the reason for her hospitalization was “not drug-related.”

“I think that she’s OK,” he told Reuters when reached by telephone. “It’s a feminine issue. I don’t know expressly what the details are. But it’s a medical condition relating to gynecological issues.” He added: “I’ve been hearing people calling me all afternoon telling that me she’s been rushed to the hospital on a drug overdose, and that’s not the case. I categorically deny that.” Love’s condition was “something she’s been dealing with apparently for the past couple of days,” he said. [ Reuters]

It doesnt’ sound like there’s a whole lot of contact between Courtney and Mr. Rosenstein. I love the fact that her lawyer, had to even address the fact that this wasn’t an attempted suicide, or accidental overdose. She either had a miscarriage or an abortion, it’s not quite clear at the moment. The fact that Courtney was pregnant in the first place is scary enough.

There of course is a juicier version of the story via the New York Post.

A weeping and cursing Courtney Love was rushed from her SoHo apartment to a hospital wearing a camisole and handcuffs yesterday on her 40th birthday, after telling cops she had an abortion. A distraught Love, wearing a lace-trimmed camisole and covered with a white sheet, yelled “What?” and “Help!” after photographers snapped pictures as EMS brought her outside on a stretcher around 6 p.m. When a medical technician tried to adjust the sheet to better cover her, Love screamed, “F—! Get away from me.” Her stretcher was put into the ambulance and she could be heard yelling “Help!” before its doors closed and she was taken to Bellevue. An NYPD spokesman said Love had to be handcuffed because she was “acting in an irrational manner.” The cuffs were removed at the hospital.

At noon, cops were called to Love’s address after getting reports she was throwing bottles from her fourth-floor loft onto the street, sources said. When she spoke to cops, she appeared “incoherent,” sources said. The singer-actress was later spotted in the lobby and heard complaining loudly that “today is my birthday and I had an abortion,” a source quoted Love as telling cops.
Police left because they could not determine she had thrown the bottles. Then, at 5:15 p.m., 911 received a call from Love’s address reporting that a woman was bleeding from the vagina after a miscarriage.

Love’s lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, said the incident involved “a gynecological medical condition.” “It is not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug-overdose-related,” he said.

Don’t worry Courtney, I’ll be back in New York in three days, and I’m here for you sweetheart. Just stay put.

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