Courtney Love Would Have Sex With John Mayer To Punish Him

Jesus it is way too early for this story. I just had to push my breakfast aside mid-bite. 

Courtney Love must have finally gotten hold of the infamous John Mayer Playboy interview  or just gotten through the 6,870 words of uncensored sharing because she has taken to her twitter to react. 

“[D]o you ever feel like spite hate fucking @johncmayer just to put hi (sic) in his place” she asks cyberspace.  Why no Courtney it hadn’t crossed my mind. What exactly is hate fucking my dear? 

“[H]ate fucking is an art like ‘the pit’ meaning you rape each other and then beat the shit our of each other so u can feel shit,” she tweeted. Yes, I believe something like this would lead him to never open his mouth again.  Now that i think about it these two are perfect for each other.  They both enjoy thoughtless social networking and obvious desire for attention. Courtney is aware of the similarities, but doesn’t think she breaks celebrity code as badly.

“[I]ve said far stupider shit than @johncmayer about my alist bfs tho ive been discreet. but about rockers i spill the beans,” she continued. Who did she date who was Alist? She would like to point out this is strictly punishment sex, because Mayer is far too bland for her taste.

Here are some pictures of Love at the Shockwaves NME Awards in London yesterday for John to hold onto during his next interview.