Courtney Love Wears Latest Givenchy And New Face To MOMA Party

There’s no question Courtney Love has been cleaning it up attire-wise lately, now that she’s gotten what she needed out of the homely look. The question is what procedure did she use on her face? Girlfriend suddenly has skin like a balloon stretched over a watermelon at Givenchy’s celebration of the closing of Marina Abramovic’s ‘The Artist is Present’ at The MOMA in New York yesterday (June 1). Not that that’s odd for the a lady who’s admitted to a nose job and usually pouts some fishy lips.

What’s odd is the thing Christina Ricci is walking around in. I don’t even have the vocabulary to define the arced material covering half her boobs along with some lace and some feathers. Actually, if you look at her upside down it kind of looks like fireworks coming out of a top hat, which I enjoyed (along with the late afternoon head rush.)

Since it was a night celebrating performance art, I guess everyone felt the need to push the envelope a little fashionwise (or everyone’s wearing Givenchy).

Liv Tyler went for a sheer skirt on her long dress with some sort of bat collar, and Ciara’s dress meshed solid sequin patterns with sheer and sparkly polka dot sleeves. It was just another Tuesday for Bjork, though, as she walked in with layers of gold fabric which bunched and fanned all over.

The artist, Marina Abromovic, looked happy and relaxed (probably because she was no longer performance art that has to hold her pee).

Click through the gallery to check out Veronica Web’s trippy ikat dress and Patti Smith’s concoction of an outfit.