Courtney Love Was Robbed

This is kind of eh. Whoopi Goldberg looks to be Rosie O’Donnell’s replacement on “The View”. I was seriously pulling for Courtney Love or even Roseanne or battleaxe Sharon Osbourne. They need a crazy in there to keep the momentum going. Whoopi should do ok, I guess. I can’t see her putting up with the twit at the end of the table.

“As far as everyone at ABC is concerned, she has the job,” a network insider confirms to Star. “They have been meeting with Kathy Griffin, Rosanne Barr, Ricki Lake and Gayle King.” While Kathy was a strong contender, Whoopi has won everyone over.”

“Everyone is acting like Whoopi already has the gig,” the show insider adds.

“Whoopi has a radio show, she lives in NYC and she is an institution. She also is liberal and outspoken but not crazy like Rosie was. She will be a perfect fit as far as the ladies on The View are concerned.” Nothing has been officially announced,” says the insider. “But it is 99 percent Whoopi at this point. They will have a few guest hosts throughout the summer but the executives and producers at The View are set on Ms. Goldberg to start in the fall.”

Supposedly, she’s even being offered the same kind of year-to-year contract Ro had. So she can jet when the going gets tough. Or when she can’t stand Barbara’s musty odor anymore. You know there’s a smell of gravedust going on.

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