Courtney Love Unveils New Body

March 29th, 2007 // 5 Comments

How the hell did she do it? Lord she dropped the weight fast. Photos of Courtney Love wearing a bikini in Hawaii surfaced, and they showed a surprisingly fit Courtney.

The singer-turned-actress looked radiant and toned while relaxing on the beach in Hawaii with her daughter and nanny.

A source said: “Courtney looked great and totally at ease. She certainly turned a few heads.”

In January party girl Courtney revealed that one of her New Year’s resolutions was to “get to her goal weight healthily”.

She hit the beach for the second day in this slightly less revealing swimsuit.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Jo

    Um…I don’t think that’s Courtney Love.

  2. lookwhaticando

    Nope, It does not look like C. Love in that first picture.

  3. chlyn

    By “surprisingly fit,” you must mean “lipo-ed to the max”. They basically sucked all the fat out of her torso. Real weight loss doesn’t expose torso muscles under the skin.

  4. Jennifer

    I agree. That’s lipo. The skin is sagging on her abdomen. It’s what always happens (also with any kind of rapid weight loss). She needs to pay attention to her skin and really should have before she had this done.

  5. Tine

    That’s Tina Yothers.

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