Courtney Love To Help Pete Doherty

March 14th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Courtney Love is on a mission help Pete Doherty come off drugs. She should probably be concentrating on herself, but that I guess is beside the point. Well, things have been going well for her for the last couple of months, so I suppose she can share the wealth.

The Hole singer fears the troubled rocker could end up like her former husband Kurt Cobain, whose heroin addiction is said to have contributed to his suicide in 1994.

The blonde – who has also battled drug problems – decided to help the Babyshambles frontman after chatting with his former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat at a concert in London.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Courtney is finally in a position to help others who suffered like her. She sees herself in him and doesn’t want him to end up like Kurt.

“She knows that in most cases an addict will only take advice from someone who has been through the same drug hell.”

The offer comes just days after ex-Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne said he and his wife Sharon are prepared to help the singer beat his addiction.

The former hellraiser, who has beaten drug addiction, said: “I’ve been to the pits of hell with addiction and although it’s f***ing me off to see him f***ing up his life, I’d help him in a minute if he asked.”

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Courtney Love’s Doherty lifeline [LSE]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I think its great she wants to help Pete. He can look at examples of Ozzy and ask himself does he really want to wind up like that. Sometimes the best way to get over something is to go through it again and see if you can fight it. Not only is Courtney helping Pete she is helping herself. Pete now has to look up to her. She has a responsibilty to do right by him. I have faith in Courtney. I think she can do it.

  2. mutterhals

    Poor FB, she looks just like her mother, sans plastic surgery. I’m so old I remember Courtney when she was chubby.

  3. Canada Rules

    I think that Frances Bean is an adorable girl. I think that Hole was amazing! Unfortunately, I don’t think that Courtney has really managed to clean her crazy self up, and needs to keep herself out of trouble and healthy and not worry about P.D. As for Pete, I’d never heard of his band, or him, before all of this Kate snorting coke stuff came out. Who really cares about Pete Doherty?

  4. doofus

    actually, mutterhals, I don’t think that pic does her justice.

    in other pics I’ve seen of her, she is the spitting image of her pop. to an amazing degree…it’s actually a little scary!

  5. Nicole

    I loathe her.

  6. Alex

    Never heard of his band or Pete himself?! i bet you don’t even listen to music you dumbass or if u do it’s probobly rapmusic…The Libertines are the greates rock band out of britain in the last 15 years! everyone knows it!

  7. Canada Rules

    You’re funny Alex. Are you suggesting that people who listen to rap music are stupid? Musical taste is subjective. Now, I could go the highschool route and call you “so gay” and “retarded” or a “dumbass”, but I won’t. Because, just because you love Mr. Libertines/Babyshambles and think he’s the best thing out of Britain, it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to, or that we have to get worked up about it. I think Radiohead are the best thing out of Britain in the last 15 years. So what? It’s subjective. Pete could be the King of England, for all I care, and I still wouldn’t care about his junkie ass.

  8. rockstars arnt called pete!!

    pete doherty is a prick, why does everyone like him? i especially hate seeing upper 6th formers doing impressions of him in the common room, idealising him like some sort of god. i hope he somehow opens his cloudy red eyes and realises he’s a knob, hopefully he wont kill himself (but why you ask) otherwise he’ll be worshiped even more- best thing that could happen is he’ll just fade out and get a job at dixons or something.

  9. rockstars arnt called pete!!

    canada rules is completely right, i live in england and as a musician i have learnt to appriciate the music and not the silly fads that the media like shitting out at various subcultures within music. As a result of this i have concluded that pete doherty is a complete idiot.

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