Courtney Love Sued

March 27th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Designer Dawn Simorangkir of the Boudoir Queen clothing line is suing the notoriously bad-tempered Courtney Love for a slew of things. Libel, invasion of privacy, intention infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage. Holy crap, that’s a mouthful.

As the story goes, Courtney contacted Simorangkir through an online fashion boutique, purchasing Boudoir Queen clothes. After a time, Courtney asked to have some custom pieces designed but became angry after she was sent an invoice to pay. So the designer stopped making items for the singer.

It was at this point that Dawn claims that Courtney threatened her in public, calling the designer a “vile horrible lying bitch” in the feedback area of her online boutique. Are you sure about this, Dawn? That doesn’t sound like our Courtney.

Gallery Info: Courtney Love at the opening of the Annenberg Space for Photography.

By Lisa Timmons


    It’s really too bad her face is completely ruined.

  2. april

    Her face isn’t ruined.

    She has so completely absorbed Nancy Spungen that it’s like some kind of weird performance art.

    Anyway, I like a number of her songs and wish she’d write more. I like the cover she did of ‘He hit me and it felt like a kiss.” (Uh, timely much? With other pop artists?)

    Courtney is a decent person; I want to see her get back to her level of credit and respect when ‘Live Through This’ was out — that album meant a great deal to me living in a small redneck town.

    I appreciate her song writing. And I remember her on the cover of Spin thinking she was the most lovely woman I’d ever seen. Well wishes Ms. Cobain.

  3. Toby Tylor

    She makes me sad & inspires me at the samr time. She makes me feel, as if, love is possible.

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