Courtney Love Puts Her Old Nose Back On

Personal savior and spirit guide Courtney Love….retrieved her old nose and put it back on her damn face?

Courtney Love had her lips downsized and her nose widened during a recent trip to Paris, Us Weekly has learned.

A source close to Love tells Us that the rocker flew to the City of Light shortly before Christmas to see a surgeon who specializes in “fixing” botched cosmetic surgery jobs.

Love, 42, showed up to the Freedom Writers premiere looking swollen and covered in makeup in an apparent attempt to conceal the effects of the surgery.

At the premiere, Us asked Love if it was true that she’d gotten more work done. “I’m not going to comment on that tonight,” she said. “I just think me looking human is cool.”

If you have no life (like me) and are fascinated by this story (like me) you could always cruise for old photos of pre-Cobain-era Courtney Love and check out how she now literally has her old nose back. This is interesting. Was it in a jar somewhere and she just took it to Paris? Was Customs like “what’s this?” and she was like “oh, that’s my old nose. I’m having it re-attached. This one on my face looks too pretty, and I want to get back to my roots” and was the Customs guy like “Lady, I heard em’ all but that one takes the cake. Hey Stan, c’mere! This broad is putting her old schnozz back on!”? I make up little one act plays in my head, obviously.

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