Courtney Love Points Fingers Regarding Owen Wilson’s Downward Spiral


Courtney Love, who dated British comedic actor, Steve Coogan, is blaming her ex-boyfriend for leading Owen Wilson down a path of drugs and self-destruction. She is claiming that Coogan, a close friend of Wilson’s, encouraged Owen’s hard-partying lifestyle, which ultimately led to the actor’s recent attempt to take his own life. The two actors, Wilson and Coogan, were set to lend their comedic talents to Ben Stiller’s upcoming film project, “Tropic Thunder,” but in light of current circumstances, Owen is no longer scheduled to be a part of the film and is instead taking time out for his recovery. This is what Courtney had to say:

“Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t comment but I care too much about Owen.”

“I went through it with Steve,” said Love. “I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.”

A rep for Steve Coogan denied Courtney’s accusations, even going so far as to insinuate that legal action may be taken against her for her statements about the situation. If she were smart, she simply would have coded it in a garbled message on her blog, which, it could be argued, doesn’t even make sense anyways.

People magazine features Owen Wilson on the cover this week, check out the cover after the jump.