Courtney Love In Rehab And Pregnant?

While Courtney Love’s revelation that she has been using drugs was shocking to no one (it’s just plain sad), the announcement that she’s pregnant (in the British press) is shocking. The father is reported to be British comedy star Steve Coogan.

The baby was conceived during her two-week, drug-fuelled sex fling with British comedian Coogan in LA when they were both staying at the famous Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood. But we can reveal Coogan’s demands in the bedroom were a world away from the stuffy antics of his blazer-wearing spoof chat show host. Courtney told her friend: “It was literally non-stop sex. Steve is a f***ing sex addict and has a major substance problem.

“He even asked me to get ten Viagra pills for him so that he could keep going, despite the fact he was past the point of exhaustion. “When I was with Steve, I did things that I shouldn’t have done. I passed the line of what even I think is normal.” Courtney’s friend told us: “Another time Courtney said he wanted to get a hooker. “She told him she was too old for that. But Courtney told me, ‘That’s his thing’.

“She also told me Steve talked her into doing something unsafe and said, ‘If he’s given me anything, I swear to God, I’m going to cut his d*** off!'” Rock chick Courtney is also worried her street cred could be in tatters for dating Alan Partridge. She told her pal: “Tell me honestly…what does it make me look like that I slept with Alan Partridge?

Courtney, it’s a blessing that you’re back in rehab. Make it work. There will be people to help you once you are released from your latest program.

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