Courtney Love Hates Courtney Love, Becomes Courtney Michelle

“Courtney Love is dead,” Courtney Love told NME a British magazine. I can imagine the reporters confusion until she said “We’ve all decided we don’t like her anymore. We love her when she goes onstage, but I don’t need her in the rest of my life.”

Does that mean no more fashion fist fights, tweets about hate fucking, facebook rants against her daughter…what on earth will be left? We’ll have to see but she calls it, her new self, Courtney Michelle. Michelle is her middle name (Courtney Michelle Harrison).

So far Courtney Michelle looks a little less eccentric, but I still some crazy as she leaves the Chateau Marmont with Donovan Leitch Jr (married to Kirsty Hume) on Thursday (April 15).

Meanwhile, as she said, she’s still Courtney Love on stage and Courtney Love is going on tour this summer with Hole following the release of its new album, Nobody’s Daughter.