Courtney Love Claims Johnny Depp Saved Her Life

Hard-living rock star, Courtney Love, always seems to be a step away from death’s door, although her nipples seem to be quite alive. And the singer recently admitted that once, it was Johnny Depp who kept her from checking out from this world prematurely.

Love confesses, “I was going to die on a few occasions. Johnny Depp gave me CPR on one. That’s as close as I ever got.” Hmm, I’d like to get that one fact-checked with Mr. Depp.

In fact, Courtney got to reminiscing over their supposed lip lock while watching the actor in his film, Public Enemies. Love explains, “I was like, ‘I never had myself any JD except CPR.”‘ Well, that’s more than most of us can ever hope for.

Gallery Info: Courtney Love takes a stroll through SoHo in New York City.