Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan Party Their Asses Off For Vogue

February 27th, 2010 // 1 Comment

File this under ‘Most hilarious pictures of the week.’

Vogue threw a party for fashion week in Milan yesterday and everybody came!  I know I should probably talk about the bloated party train-wreck that is Lindsay Lohan, but I’m too busy swooning over Courtney Love.

Of all the crazies who ever crazied, this one’s my favorite!  I’m not sure at what point Court decided she was Stevie Nicks (praise be to Stevie!), but that is some looniness I can get behind.

Can anyone where a pink satin sack and a sparkly belt on their head with as much pinache?  Doubtful.

Poor Daphne Guinness looks like she was caught in the midst of her escape.  Run, Forrest!

Also in attendance (like it matters), was Pixie Geldoff (I guess the line between 19 and 49 is finer than I first suspected) and leather beanbag Roberto Cavalli.

Hey, if you think I’m mean, read the Daily Mail’s take on the party.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Lvng1Tor

    Wholly crap Lindsey looks sixty with bad face work!

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