Courtney Love And Her Ever Shrinking Body

What’s new in the world of Courtney Love this week? Well, she looks like she weighs 80 pounds, that’s what’s new.

In pictures taken of Love as she ran some errands in New York, she looks pale, painfully thing, and I feel like I could almost break her arms or her legs with very little force.

In the past, Love’s friends have often raised concern over her health, including her cocaine and heroin addictions, but in 2007, love swore that she no longer had an eating disorder.

Since 2007, Love has been denying she had any surgery and told Elle magazine, “If I could get a gastric band I
would! I’ve heard it’s a lot of vomiting and a pain in the ass, but it’s still
easier than a diet. I did go to see a Hollywood doctor about it. I wasn’t desperate, I just knew
I had to do something. He said ‘no.'” Gastric band? Sounds like it should be the name of punk band. Do it Courtney!

Love is currently working on a new album with her band Hole, and hopefully working on that eating disorder again.

Gallery Info: Courtney Love shopping for an apartment in New York’s West Village.