Courtney Love Has Noel Fielding Interested In Her Mighty Boosh?

April 17th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Courtney Love seems to have an amazing knack for snagging incredibly talented men. Her latest catch is Noel Fielding, star of the British comedy show, The Mighty Boosh. She’s plotting a move to England and popped over to London and partied at The Groucho Club and Soho House to party with Noel.

Reportedly, they first hung out back in 2006, when Courtney took a trip to London and they met at a Christmas party. Reports first surfaced of a possible romantic connection between the two when Love celebrated her 43rd birthday with the British comedian.

Noel claims that the two are just friends and that he’s still involved with his long-time girlfriend, Dee Plume, but this picture says it all. Look at the grip Courtney’s got on Noel. I have a feeling it would be easier to pry a crack pipe out of her hands than to try and get her to let go of her latest victim. Maybe he can help her solve the mystery of her Frances Bean’s disappearing finances.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Elizabeth Ireston

    Ok, the pictures look a bit unusual but come on! Stop calling him her latest catch and them a couple. Noel’s got Dee! He wouldn’t frop Dee for that hag.

    I tyink they’re just friends so stop with the couple thing and concentrate on Noel and Dee.

  2. i just saw Noel’s girlfriend band (robots in disguise) live the night before in barcelona. they are ROCKING!

    no signs on noel, though. :-(

  3. Chuck Roast

    she’s the number one bimbo with Hilton, Lohan and Simpson all a close second

  4. Chuck Roast

    she’s the number one bimbo with Hilton, Lohan and Simpson all a close second

  5. Lauren

    Courtney Love is such a slag.

    And if they weren’t together, why would he ‘spur-of-the-moment” jet off with the likes of her, if there wasn’t anything more than a friendship involved?

    Poor Dee, he’s effed her around so much these last couple of years… As much as I love Fielding to bits, she deserves to be treated better.

  6. dare

    I KNOW Mizz Love has snagged Fielding and also Plume, she just mkes do and in LA shes got Russell Brand for when she or he’s bored, its all a great foursome with benefits and my source is excellent, Love’s own big mouth! she told someone online and i hav ethe IM’s to prove it! They get a ton of attention for hanging with her and she gets to have very very talented men around her, i do believe however she has helped Russell enormously in Hollywood, he will probably vbe a household name in America within a year, and he KNOWS he owes it all or the start of his career to the credibility that , believe it or not , Mizz Love still has with the film community- shes basically the best trend spotter and talent spotter there is, and it kind of annoys me that she’s so consistently correct ( Except that Coogan thing that was pretty grotesque although to be fair “Partridge” is genius and from what i hear “Hamlet 2″ is beyond funny) He will go to his grave with Courtney having made him halfway fuckable and she’s shod of him, but obviously due to the BBC2 filming the thinly veiled spoof on Court “The Abbey” as a six part series produced and written by Coogan hes so obsessed with her or whatever complicated nonsense is between those two ( shudder to think) that he has to take it out on an incredibly unfunny show ( if the pilot was an indication its just slam Courtney. slam Courtney. Slam Courtney. sort of very 98 and passe wich makes sense as Coogan is very passe and off putting , i find nothing sexy about the man except he is talented, Saxondale makes me laugh occasionally and hes smart at picking shows to produce)
    He’ll always be “Forever indebted to her priceless advice” to quote her long deceased husband. Remember when Kurt Cobain said on TOTP ” this song is dedicated to the best fuck in the world Courtney Love of the pop band Hole” and went into “Teen Spirit”? i was about 13. i was confused, would i want someone to announce me as “The Best Fuck In The World” when i grew up? well hell yes!
    Then wasnt it , oh, 4 months ago A;lex James of Blur kissed and told a redtop about Courtney in bed,a nd how she was the best”shag ever” ? cad!
    Possibly with allthis need for testimony to her sexual prowess and the fact that its entirely open between DeePlume , Noel and Russell Brand that Courtney’s fucking em all and none seems to get hurt….its all good….now can someone confirm the Sean Penn and Benntt Miller ( Capote director- wildly talented and handsome when ive seen pictures of him) rumours about her?
    She appears to have alot of lovers wich to her credit she keeps mighty quiet about.
    Four years engaged to Edward Norton and never once i think, did they go down a red carpet together and that was HER demand, i think she’s a cat person, sort of all indepedence and not clingy , i aspire to that for sure! so Viva la Love.

  7. Kate

    LMAO. yes “dare”, we all believe you Courtney! Seriously, this is a new low… a halfway famous person writing comments on a gossip site under another name! You didn’t help Russell Brand in any way, if you could get someone in Hollywood why can’t you do it for yourself? Why haven’t you starred in anything for like a decade? Why your last music success has been in 1998? You’re an old and pathetic has-been full of STD’s and I’m sure that if someone sleeps with you it’s just because they want to have something in common with Kurt Cobain. It’s a known fact that everyone admires and respects Kurt far, far, more than they’ll ever respect you. You’re just seen as a slag, not as an icon of anything except as an icon for being pathetic. That’s not because he was a male or because he’s dead, so stop overreacting with your faux feminism. It’s because he had TALENT, a word nobody will ever associate with you.

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