Courtney Love Holds A Meeting

March 31st, 2008 // 8 Comments

Here’s my favorite crazy, Courtney Love. She will just sit down beside strange men at subway stations and start jabbering and showing pictures of Francis Bean. She probably tried to take him home.

Courtney is still claiming that thieves relieved her of her deceased husband Kurt Cobain’s estate. Courtney left messages with Page Six claiming that a male and female con artist team took Kurt’s social security number and acquired over 188 credit cards in his name.

Courtney also claims that Kurt’s mother and sister are in danger of losing their homes due to this.

“My own house was refinanced four times. I have never done this. I’ve owned one Toyota and one Prius in my life. There are auto loans on Kurt’s [Social Security number] for a Mercedes and a Bentley. Someone applied online and got 27 American Express cards and 74 Visas on Kurt’s Social [Security number]. Everything has been forged. There is a piece of paper with a forged signature where I supposedly declared myself incompetent and they took over everything,” she says.

Courtney also said that the FBI and Scotland Yard are currently investigating this matter. As well as Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Cookie Monster, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Veronica Mars, Darby Crash, and Underdog.


By J. Harvey

  1. P

    In some other article I’ve read she claimed that the theft had to do with her daughter’s trust fund. That sounds a bit fishy. Who are the trustees of this fund? If it’s legitimate than the trustees are legally liable for maintaining the trust. If they were doing their job they would have noticed the ‘theft’before it got so out of control most likely. Also, Kurt’s freaking social security, etc. has nothing to do with a trust where the only beneficiary is his daughter. BeyatchCourtney needs to get a legit story pronto and stick to it. She probably gave the social security info and other crap to her damn drug dealers when she was in a stupor and just can’t remember.

  2. drunken lauren

    If this has anything to do w/when she was stoned… she is forgiven…..

    She has turned a new leaf and is being a good mom. That deserves a medal…..

    its very hard to get off of crack and shd did w/Mel Gibson ‘s help… hope he has as good results w/Brit Brit

  3. buzzKut

    She said she’s angry and wants justice because when the lawyers and judges and money managers got the inheritance passed thru probate they found the money missing and are looking into where it went. Courtney nor any family member had a way to touch the funds while it was in the courts hands, and her own accounts and private funds and personal id was used without her permission.. OK?

  4. Wendy

    LOL. I feel sorry for her, what a sad lady.

  5. Wendy

    LOL. I feel sorry for her, what a sad lady.

  6. Whitey Fisk

    “As well as Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Cookie Monster, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Veronica Mars, Darby Crash, and Underdog”

    J. Harvey, how do you do it? Just when I think you’ve reached your peak, you outdo yourself yet again. You’re a genius.

  7. Anthony Acid

    I guess that’s funny…if being completely ignorant is funny. The man she’s sitting with is Howard Weitzman, a high-powered (and highly respected) lawyer. But when it comes to Courtney, it’s always acceptable to sacrifice the truth for some cheap laughs at someone else’s expense, right?

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