Courtney Love Holds A Meeting

Here’s my favorite crazy, Courtney Love. She will just sit down beside strange men at subway stations and start jabbering and showing pictures of Francis Bean. She probably tried to take him home.

Courtney is still claiming that thieves relieved her of her deceased husband Kurt Cobain’s estate. Courtney left messages with Page Six claiming that a male and female con artist team took Kurt’s social security number and acquired over 188 credit cards in his name.

Courtney also claims that Kurt’s mother and sister are in danger of losing their homes due to this.

“My own house was refinanced four times. I have never done this. I’ve owned one Toyota and one Prius in my life. There are auto loans on Kurt’s [Social Security number] for a Mercedes and a Bentley. Someone applied online and got 27 American Express cards and 74 Visas on Kurt’s Social [Security number]. Everything has been forged. There is a piece of paper with a forged signature where I supposedly declared myself incompetent and they took over everything,” she says.

Courtney also said that the FBI and Scotland Yard are currently investigating this matter. As well as Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Cookie Monster, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Veronica Mars, Darby Crash, and Underdog.