Courtney Cox Doesn’t Want to Offend Any of Her Beautiful Celebrity Friends


Courtney Cox is censoring some of the possible storylines on Dirt because they’re hitting too close to home. She’s rolling up on the writers and telling them to drop certain stories that are thinly veiled accounts of real-life celeb dish.

The former FRIENDS star plays a ruthless magazine editor on the US show and reveals some of the proposed plotlines were far too similar to some of her pal’s real life antics. She explains, “There are many times that I’ll call up the writers and say, ‘Guys, I really know that person.’ Not that it’s the person, but it sounds too much like someone that they could possibly take it the wrong way.”

Oh, who gives a shit? Take some chances, Cox! Your show is flailing! I would be out there with a story about “Vlad” and “Mangelina” and how “Mangelina” stole “Vlad” from “Gwen” in a friggin’ heartbeat. It’s about ratings, honey! The “Friends” days are over and out and your husband is a goofy bastard on a similarly failing tv show. If you want to keep Coco in Gucci diapers, you’d better work!