Courtney Ain’t That Sober

MollyGood has a bit about how Courtney supposedly hit up her fellow passenger for some dolls during her flight to London.

Yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail in from a source very close to MollyGood saying that she had just flown first class on Virgin Atlantic from the States to London sitting next to none other than one Courtney Love. Our source claims that Courtney came on the plane smelling a bit like a certain leafy green substance and looking “weathered,” but that’s not all. Allegedly, allegedly allegedly, this is what our source says happened next:

More on Courtney Love’s transatlantic flight and more photos of Courtney in her pretty red dress after the jump.

We started chatting, and of course, she didn’t hesitate for a moment to ask me for some Valium…So we both took one…OK, maybe two, and had a totally stoned conversation about the usual, i.e. music, masturbation, Germany, drugs and sex…A little while later, we promptly passed out for the remainder of the flight. After we got off the plane, she was swarmed by paparazzi, I waved goodbye, and she didn’t seem to recognize me…I realized it was the Valium she loved…not me….and that her obviously fried brain was to blame, and not my irresistibly charming wit.

Why were they talking about Germany? That’s random. Anyway, stop stressing a bitch out. Turbulence is scary.

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