Courtney Stodden’s New Boobs Bust Out Of Her Pink Dress, Doug Hutchison Seems Pleased

Things Courtney Stodden really loves right now: her new DD boobs.

The teen bride and her father/husband, Doug Hutchison, were spotted out and about in Los Angeles this weekend grabbing dinner at the super fancy Villa Blanca Restaurant. And because they were going somewhere fancy, Courtney had to cover up the girls.

Too bad that there’s just no way to cover them up anymore. She’s like 5 seconds away from a nip slip. Although I guess it is less cleavage-ie than her last show-off outfit. Guys, I can’t deal with this girl. 

Like, she’s not that much older than my little brother and look at her! Why, world? WHY?!?! Well, I guess she is over 18-years-old and can do whatever she wants. And I’ve gotta give it to her, she does seem happy with her life. So Courtney, I might not get you, but whatever floats your boat.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Courtney falling out of her outfit. Think her implants are as absurd as we do? Let us know in the comments!