Courtney Stodden: The ‘Innocent’ Earlier Modeling Years [PHOTOS]

Before Courtney Stodden became a 35-year-old looking 17-year-old, Courtney was your typical teenage girl with an aspiring modeling career.

This is how Courtney look prior to be exploited by her mother and creepy husband Doug Hutchinson. She was actually really cute and fresh-faced. Although, you can see the transformation begin in some of the photos.

PHOTOS: Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutcherson Kicked Out Of Pumpkin Patch For Being Too Slutty

Now she’s parading around pumpkin patches and posing for provocative pictures.

The Lombardi Ranch pumpkin patch in Santa Clarita, a city in Los Angeles County, was teeming with parents and children Saturday, who happened upon the highly non-traditional Halloween “activities.”

“I’m stunned — I can’t even believe that anyone would bring that type of behavior in here with all these children,” one local mother told KCBS. “How disgusting! I mean, this is a nice, family place. I’ve been coming here since I was born,” said Santa Clarita resident Renee Powers. “It’s a family place…not a sleazy pumpkin patch.”

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