Courtney Stodden Tells Dr. Drew She%u2019s A %u201CPumpkin Patch Princess%u201D [VIDEO]

Doug Hutchinson and that pole dancer who references scriptures will appear on Dr. Drew’s Life Changers November 7th @ 3:00 p.m on The CW to defend their right to straddle pumpkins.  Hutchinson and wife Courtney Stodden were kicked out of Lombardi Pumpkin Patch Monday (October 24th) after Stodden treated the established like her own personal champagne room.

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“There were also a lot of people there who were enjoying, they wanted to take pictures with us,” Chester The Molester Hutchinson tried to explain.  “We even overheard a dad say to his little girl ‘oh look honey, they have a pumpkin patch girl this year’.”  Stodden chimed in, “The dad loved it!”

Dr. Drew just sat and asked questions, doing a great job of hiding his judgment.  The same couldn’t be said for one audience member who was shown trying to stifle a laugh.

“A lot of the kids thought that she was like this pumpkin patch princess. There was a handful of concerned moms who went to the owners and said ‘get her out’ so we were escorted out,” Hutchinson told Dr. Drew while Courtney looked about ready to black out.  No more shots of Charlie in the bathroom, ya hear?

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