Courtney Stodden Showcases A Questionable Bikini Line [PHOTOS]

I know, I know.  We were thinking the same thing.  When would childbride Courtney Stodden fulfill her duty as Pamela Anderson’s doppelganger?  The wait is over, friends.  For the sixteen-year-old found a red bathing suit, took a few clothespins and hiked that bitch up to kingdom come.  Et voila!  A good old-fashioned, age-appropriate photoshoot.  Stodden posted these photos on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

VIDEO: Courtney Stodden’s Facial Expressions Baffle Us

And so we present, Courtney Stodden’s tweets this past weekend:

“Just completed my session; Court does Pam! XO’s” (Aug 15th)

“A soft sensation sweetly kisses my body as I prepare for a sexy hot photo shoot this afternoon. What a breathtaking morning it has been! ;-)” (Aug 15th)

“Stepped my paws into a sexy wet cat-suit; Prowling mysteriously around the house while lickin’ my lips searchin’ for some nip! MEEEOWWW! ;-)” (Aug 14th)

“Just returned from a lovely Sunday morning service @ church today. Kickin back at home now while sporting a HOT mini-retro-jumper! CLASSIC!” (Aug 14th)

“I love these steamy mornings that allow you to erotically roll out of bed in nothing but your cheeky string bikini. Mmm, how electrifying!” (Aug 13th)

For reals, sister.  Run a comb through that hair.