Courtney Stodden Reminds Us She Has Giant Boobs & Awful Taste

Oh, Courtney Stodden, how we have missed you and your giant boobs.

The former child-bride made quite a splash in LA last night at an event for Style Fashion Week. Not quite sure what she has to do with style since she’s wearing that awful black, lacy outfit. At least her boobs look huge nice.

Courtney has really been trying to make a new name for herself since splitting from Doug Hutchison last year. She no longer wants us to think of her as a child bride. 

Maybe that’s what the new boobs were for. But here’s the thing guys, I will never stop thinking about her that way. No matter how many of these photos she shares on Instagram.

Oh Courtney, you never fail to amuse me. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night’s Style Fashion Week event. What are your thoughts on Courtney these days? You gotta hand it to her, the girl is not afraid to show all the skin.