Courtney Stodden Lounges With Her Boobs While Doug Hutchison Flips Off The Paps

Courtney's White Bikini
Don't get self tanner on that!
Even when you’re Courtney Stodden and you have boobs that look like this, sometimes you need sex counseling. And obviously it needs to be on TV.

So that’s just what Courtney and her husband/father Doug Hutchison did last night (July 17) as they filmed an episode of Passion & Pleasure with Dr. Ava Cadell. Fun? Well, we assume it was.

I’m kind of obsessed with how she’s lounging on that couch. Here’s the thing, I might not get Courtney and Doug, but damn it are they entertaining. 

Especially when Doug starts flipping off the paparazzi. You best be nice to them sir, because they are the folks who are keeping you in the public eye. Although, it is a bit hard to miss Courtney’s boobs now.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Courtney and Doug’s filming and dinner date. Do you guys get them, or are you just along for the ride? Sound off in the comments!