Courtney Stodden Gives Sex Advice, Promotes Her New Web Series [VIDEO]

April 17th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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As we learned nearly a year ago, Courtney Stodden is all about sex.  Not the Christina-Hendricks-oozes-sexuality kind of sex, but more like the lucite heels and bottom-of-the-bin stretchy dresses kind of sex.  

Stodden posted a video promoting vegetarianism, showing off a tomato with a rather saucy appendage she found while shopping for “sexy veggies.”  Stodden’s 17-year-old boobs were front and center, while it appears that she’s received a little help with styling her hair; It no longer looks like a rat’s nest.

The youngster urged viewers to go vegetarian, for those who do enjoy better sex.  Sage advice coming from someone  like Stodden.

Oooh, guess what else?  Stodden and husband Doug Hutchinson have a produced-like-a-porn YouTube series called Courtney’s Countdown, referring to the passing of days until her 18th birthday.  

In the clip after the jump, Stodden whines to both her mother and Hutchinson about her injured ankle.  Instead of removing the lucite heel that may be the issue, Stodden keeps it on for show.  Mom, whose’s proven to be inept since her daughter’s birth, ignored Stodden’s complaints and instead wanted to discuss outfit options for an upcoming photoshoot.  Tight white dress or cheap gold lame?  Hmmm..

By Kelly Lynch

  1. fact VV

    that was really fake….can i say her owwww was the most stupidest thing iv EVER heard on a youtube upload..i mean seriously? iv heard worse but this was the far most dumbest thing iv ever watched.. what a waste of “7:26″ of my life lmao….. bitch fail go back to the kitchen and dont even come back into the spot light again ;)

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