Courtney Stodden Gets Saucy At ‘Girls & Corpses’ Photoshoot

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Because Vogue was all booked up through next summer, Courtney Stodden had to take her cover talents elsewhere.  Thankfully , the tasteful minds at Girls & Corpses Magazine came a-knockin,’ offering Stodden the opportunity the pose in almost nothing at all aside a rotting corpse. 

Things went from weird to weirder during the “Corpse Bride” photoshoot back in April, as Stodden had no problem showing off her girly bits.

Courtney was wearing a flesh colored string bikini and we had to inform her several times that we could see both London and France peeking from her  underpants,” editor-in-chief Robert Rhine told CELEBUZZ.

Stodden’s 53-year-old husband, Dough Hutchison was on the set, as was her mom, Krista, who thought it was a gas that her daughter was show ing off her hoo-ha.

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