Courtney Stodden ‘Dresses Up’ For Music Video Release Party, Doug Hutchison Seems Pleased [PHOTOS]

Courtney & Doug
Stodden dressed up for the prom, er, a trip to The Grove.
Courtney Goes Bare
The teen bride makes a Starbucks run sans makeup.
Guys, there is just so much that needs to be discussed when it comes to teen-bride, Courtney Stodden.

Honestly, I think a women’s studies professor needs to teach an entire class on Courtney, feminism and the male gaze. I would totally take that class. Courtney and her father husband, Doug Hutchison, hit the red carpet together last night (February 9) as Courtney celebrated the release of her new music video, “Reality.”

You can check out the video here and believe you me, you should! When we saw her filming it last month, we couldn’t even imagine what it would be like. So, what do we think of Courtney’s costume change?

Obviously her shiny, boobalicious dress and stripper heels weren’t fancy enough, so Courtney made sure to make a costume change into a much more respectable red, lingerie outfit. And then hang out in a cage. Because that’s just what you do.

Launch the gallery to check out all the ridiculous photos from the red carpet event. Did you guys already watch the music video? What do we think? Let’s get a discussion going in the comments!