Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Kicked Out Of Pumpkin Patch For Being Too Slutty [PHOTOS]

Leave it to Courtney Stodden to get kicked out of a pumpkin patch!

Courtney, the 17-year-old bride of actor Doug Hutchinson can’t seem to go anywhere or do anything these days without getting kicked out. The two lovebirds supposedly showed up at Lombardi Pumpkin Patch today to look for some pumpkins to decorate their home in the Hollywood Hills.

Security approached the couple and asked them to leave after receiving complaints about the way she was dressed and how sexual the two were during their pumpkin picking outing. After being kicked out, he two headed to a makeshift pumpkin patch on a hill near their home and took some affectionate photos together.

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Courtney was recently been kicked off the social media network, Facebook, reportedly because of the sexual nature of her photographs and her being 17 years of age.

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