Courtney Stodden Almost Exposes Her Hoo-Ha At The Ivy

A Young Courtney Stodden
The young bride as a fresh-faced youngster.
I mean seriously? We get it Courtney Stodden. You think you’re sexy.

The 18-year-old wanted to be noticed, so she went out for some lunch with her 52-year-old husband, actor Doug Hutchison, at The Ivy in West Hollywood on Monday (April 29, 201).

This is what she wore. She definitely loves the animal print. When you constantly have to pull your dress down because your underwear is showing, is when you know that your dress is too short.

That didn’t seem to phase the attention obsessed Courtney. I’d like to call her the Anna Nicole Smith of her generation, but that would mean insulting Anna Nicole Smith.

Doug dressed as if he was going to some shopping at the local WalMart. He was also sporting that “yep, I get to have sex with this” look the entire time during the outing.

So charming.

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