Courtney Love Saved Chris Rock From A Fight With Jude Law

This is the weirdest story, which does go with the photos above that are equally bizarre.

Chris Rock recently opened up to thank Courtney Love for preventing him from getting beaten up by Jude Law after the 2005 Oscar ceremonies. stopped him getting beaten up – by Jude Law.

“I was sitting with Courtney Love, and she might’ve saved me from a fight. I’m not going to say ass-whipping because I don’t think there’d be an ass-whipping. But you never know – he’s hanging out with [director] Guy Ritchie. Those guys go at it. Those motherfuckers are in shape. So Jude Law might whip my ass, I don’t know.”

But Rock, 46, added, “Courtney kind of barked, or was growling, and that was it.”

Hell, if that bitch coughed I’d probably turn and run. I mean…she is scary.