Courtney Love Gets Kooky In Dublin, Owes Jacob The Jeweler $$$ [PHOTOS]

Um, so…here we have Courtney Love…making many an odd face during her presentation on an Honorary Patronage from Trinity College’s Philosophical Society  in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday (October 18th).  Love, who attended the event with friend Gavin Friday, sipped from a goblet in between playing “hype girl” for the crowd.

PHOTOS: Courtney Love Gets Silly Off Some Bubbly

Love has been ordered by a Manhattan judge to pay Jacob & Co. jeweler Jacob Arabo more than $100,000 for lost jewelry she borrowed and failed to return, according to the Daily Mail.

Love claimed that she returned two white gold diamond chains, a white gold mesh bracelets and diamond earrings via the staff at the Mercer Hotel where she stayed after wearing the jewels to a charity event.  According to Love, the staff returned the bracelet but lost a bag containing the other items. Whoopsies.  Love did file a police report when the borrowed baubles went missing.